Peace Professional Photography

October is Canadian Library Month!  You can find Don Pettit’s books through our local libraries.

Don Pettit is an explorer/photographer of the Peace Country.  With 25 years of experience immersing himself in the wild corners of the region while honing his photography skills, Pettit has amassed a large collection of images that celebrate the beauty and wonder of this area.

His work has been exhibited in galleries and housed in private collections across Canada.  You too can begin a private collection of Pettit’s photography:  his coffee table book and companion DVD The Peace: an exploration in photographs has been available in book stores and online since 2001, and The Peace, a history in photographs was published in 2008.  His newest book Power Shift: the hope and drama of monumental wind power documents the making of the wind farm in Dawson Creek.

As you will see on his Peace photoGraphics website, there are no limits to the subjects Pettit and his partners photograph for the commercial side of their work – except that they are all familiar Peace Country sights.  Enjoy your tour!

If you know of any authors, photographers, writers, painters, crafters or otherwise talented people in the Peace Country, Town Spirit would love to help share their work with everyone!  Please contact and let’s discuss your post!

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One Response to Peace Professional Photography

  1. I was so impressed. I clicked on the link and looked at some of the photography. It’s fantastic! Thanks for sharing this info.

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