A Doctor’s Calling

If you have been in the Peace Country for a while, you will know the case.  In 1999, Dr. Douglas Snider of Fairview disappeared.  A fellow doctor, Abraham Cooper, was charged with manslaughter.

Hazel Magnussen, Snider’s sister, wrote a remarkably balanced account of what led up to that night in May when Snider went to meet Cooper at his clinic and never returned, and details her experience with the judicial system in the years following.  There are also memories of how her  brother lived.  It is a slim volume, but A Doctor’s Calling: a matter of conscience is a book of great depth.  It is available through our local libraries and in bookstores.

Dr. Cooper was released in 2008, having served his full sentence.

If you know of a local book, Town Spirit would be pleased to feature it on the blog.  Just email townspirit@hotmail.com.  Any input is appreciated, especially comments and corrections.

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