Fairview True Crime Writer

October is Canadian Library Month!  You can get Patricia MacQuarrie’s book through the Spirit River Municipal Library.

Like many other Peace Country authors, Fairview born Patricia MacQuarrie finds that her upbringing in a strong farming community sometimes makes an appearance in her work.  Maybe not in her 2008 book about true crimes, Deadly Canadian Women, but certainly in her award winning short stories.

“Garbage Dump” is one of those stories, published and produced by the CBC in 2005 and published in Alberta Anthology.  Another of her short pieces, “The Honour of Dressing My Father,” won MacQuarrie a surprising amount of attention across Canada when it was published in the Globe and Mail.

MacQuarrie, a criminologist, is currently working on another true crime manuscript following the sell-out success of Deadly Canadian Women.

Besides writing, editing and teaching writing workshops, MacQuarrie is an Alderman for the City of Wetaskiwin.  She has a web page here.

If you are, or know of, a Peace Country writer or author, Town Spirit would love to help share the talent!  Just email townspirit@wordpress.com.  Comments and questions are welcome.

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2 Responses to Fairview True Crime Writer

  1. CeeBee says:

    It’s great having all these local books listed here, with details about the contents. Really handy. I’m going to get some of these from the library. Thanks!

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