Memoirs of a Paramedic

October is Canadian Library Month!  You can get Michael C. Burzek’s book through Peace Country libraries!

For nine years, Michael C. Burzek experienced all aspects of emergency medicine.  From boredom to adrenaline, fear to camaraderie, the career of a paramedic is one of chaotic extremes.  There are myths about the job, unforeseen perils, and emotions that overwhelm and conflict.

Blood on My Shirt: Memoirs of a BC Paramedic, is the story of those nine years.  In it, Burzek spares the reader no details: this book is a must-read for anyone considering becoming a paramedic.  For anyone else, this book is an eye-opening glimpse inside a world most of us hope never to personally encounter.

Burzek served as a paramedic in Fraser Lake and Prince George, but now lives with his family in Dawson Creek.  Blood on My Shirt: Memoirs of a BC Paramedic is available for Nook and Kobo e readers as well as at local and online book stores.

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