On the Trail of Murder

Published this year, Foulest of Murders: The Story of Grande Prairie’s 1918 Unsolved Murder of 6 is the result of a Wanham man’s ten year quest to find out what happened back in June of 1918, when six men on two farms were found murdered.

Author Wallace Lloyd Tansem became fascinated with the unsolved case while listening to his father and uncles speak of the mystery.  Fascination led to years of research, pouring over official records, speaking with the people involved, and travelling to Illinois to track down the descendents of the most likely suspect in the case.

The author’s wife, Doris, assisted with the research.  When Tansem died in 2001, he had her promise that the book presenting their findings, which was very nearly finished, would be published.  Now, with the help of their daughter, Foulest of Murders is in print and available for purchase here.

The book is not yet available through the library, but you can access other materials written or edited by Tansem.

You can find Town Spirit’s brief summary of the murders here, with a link to a 2010 periodical about the case which mentions Tansem’s research.

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