A Collection of Local Authors, Part Two

As you know from reading Part One, the authors listed below are from the Peace Country and have published books.  They would be featured in a full length post of their own except that there is little information available about them and their books.  So, what is known to Town Spirit is here, with links so you can get hold of the books and learn more for yourself 🙂  If any local authors or writers out there would like to be featured here, be not afraid to contact Town Spirit!  Write townspirit@hotmail.com or leave a comment below.  Now, on to the authors:

Trevor Wolf of Peace River, author of Titanium Blues: A Plane Crash Survivor’s True Story.  This is a biographical account of the author’s physical and mental struggles to overcome the effects of trauma.  Unfortunately, this book is not available through our local libraries, but it is for sale in both ebook and paper form from online book stores.

Loretta Beaver of Girouxville, author of a trio of historical westerns including Passionate Alliance, Raven and the Golden Eagle, and White Buffalo (New Beginnings) (yet to be published).  Books one and two are available through local libraries, and you can connect with the author here to find out where else to find her books.

Dorothy Shaw Larson, former resident of Spirit River, author of Beyond the End of Steel and Don’t We Have It Good.   The first book is about her family’s journey from Minnesota and settling in the Peace Country: in Sexsmith, 100 years ago this year.  The second  book is about her parents lives and her own experiences growing up in Spirit River.  Larson is now 96, and visited the area in the summer to sell copies of her books at Beth’s Books.  Hopefully they are available there still.  They are not available through the library.

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