Please Sign the Guest Book!

Originally the Guest Book was a separate page rather than a category, but for some reason that created a ton of spam.  Thanks to the real people who signed – your comments have been moved over here too. 

Thanks for visiting!

This isn’t a real guest book.  That can be done, but it means yet another password to remember and yet another service to learn about.  So, in the name of keeping things simple, this is The Guest Book.

If you would like to leave a comment, you are wonderful!  Please leave a name, web address, how you found the site, where you are and what you think as you feel like it.  None of that is necessary.  It’s just great to know who comes to Town Spirit!

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5 Responses to Please Sign the Guest Book!

  1. Gordon Mackey says:

    Enjoyed the cultural information and the slideshow. Gordon M. from Teepee Creek.

  2. Anneli Purchase says:

    I always enjoy your posts!

  3. Dawn Hill says:

    Great to see Anneli as your guest..I have enjoyed her novels and am really excited about her yet not published.. novel. Anneli gives so much “life” to her characters that they are long remembered. Excellent reading and lovely photo’s..thanks.

  4. Linea says:

    Good to see that people are interested in improving the town Spirit. I found the stories to be interesting, particularly the one about the teacher that had taught in a residential school.

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