Christine Falk, Author of Unremarkable in Light

October is Canadian Library Month!  Christine Falk’s book is available through the Spirit River Municipal Library.

Christine Falk, author of the novel Unremarkable in Light (2011), used to live right here in Spirit River.  Now residing in Edmonton, Falk continues to write.  Poetry, it appears, is taking precedence right now as several of her poems have been chosen for anthologies and she is active in poetry reading circles.  There is another novel on the way, however, so look for it in the coming year.

Unremarkable in Light is the story of a man with a troubled past who is forced to face old scars in order to help a friend.  You can read more about the book, or order it through AuthorHouse and other online bookstores.

You can read a selection of Falk’s poetry, a discussion of Unremarkable in Light, and keep up with her achievements on her blog, Christine Falk – Pen In Hand.

If you know of any local authors, Town Spirit would appreciate a tip!  Please email or add a comment to any post.  Thanks!

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One Response to Christine Falk, Author of Unremarkable in Light

  1. Congrats, Christine. Another book for me to check out.

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