Leona Gom: Peace Country Poet and Author

October is Canadian Library Month!  Leona Gom’s books are available through the Spirit River Municipal Library.

Leona Gom is one of the most proficient of our Peace Country authors.  Among her published works are eight novels, including several Vicky Bauer mysteries, and six collections of poetry.  Many of her novels and poems contain strong female characters and themes of isolation and the struggle for control.

Gom was born and raised on a farm near Eaglesham.  She attended the University of Alberta and collected a B.Ed and an M.A., then went on to teach in the Department of English at U of A and then in two post-secondary institutions in B.C.  She was the writer-in-residence at three western universities and editor of an award-winning literary magazine for ten years.  All the while she was writing award-winning poetry (Land of the Peace, 1980) and fiction (Housebroken, 1986), as well as two radio plays produced by CBC (The Inheritance and Sour Air), not to mention giving readings, lectures and writing workshops.  One of her books,  The Y Chromosome, has been optioned for a movie.

For a full list of Leona Gom’s works, click here (yep, it’s wikipedia).

Have you read one of Leona Gom’s books?  Town Spirit would be pleased to help you share a review.  Or, leave one on TRAC or Amazon or Google Books… wherever you leave it, it helps a local author and fellow readers.

Are you a local author, poet, or writer?  Town Spirit would love to feature you and your work!  Just email townspirit@hotmail.com.

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3 Responses to Leona Gom: Peace Country Poet and Author

  1. So glad you’re featuring local authors. I’ll be checking them out when I get home from my holiday. I’m hoping that at least some of these books are available as e-books, as I enjoy reading from my Kindle. Congrats to these authors on their success.

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