A Collection of Local Authors Part One

October is Canadian Library Month!  It’s a great time to read, and to let our local libraries help you find something good.  Town Spirit wants to help too, starting with this collection of local authors.

These authors all have books published, but there is little information about them and their books online for one reason or another.  You have to read the book to find out what’s in it!  Every one is available through the library;  some at local book stores like Beth’s Books and some in online book stores.  If you read them and like them, be sure to leave a comment online for the next person.  The authors will thank you for your interest!

Jake Meyaard of Woking: From Wooden Shoes… to Cowboy Boots.  An autobiographical account of coming to the Peace Country from Holland.

Ardith Samida of Eaglesham: Who Can See Angels?  Sophie, an independent farm woman, finds herself stuck in a seniors’ home.  When an angel appears and tells her she’ll die soon, Sophie wants to go “home” one more time.  No one will take her, so Sophie makes a run for it!

Deanna Kent-McDonald of Grande Prairie: West Wind, North Chatter.  A thoroughly modern book about a newcomer to Grande Prairie, Emily Reeves, who opens the city’s first internet cafe and finds other women who are also struggling in the oil town.

Mrs. Anna Donaldson of Eaglesham: Tales From Mama’s Kitchen.  Also Homestead Memories and As We Remember, which are not available in the library.

If you are a local author or writer, published or unpublished, Town Spirit would like to hear from you!  Email townspirit@hotmail.com.  Comments and questions are always welcome.

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