September 20th Flashback

It’s September 20th, 1949.  What’s going on in Spirit River?  Here’s a brief summary from the Edmonton Journal:

After waiting for more than 30 years, the village of Spirit River now has concrete sidewalks covering both sides of two blocks.  Residents can be assured good and safe walking during the spring thaw and heavy rain. 

Harvesting is general throughout the area.  Many new combines may be seen in action and those still using the threshing machine have had a hard time finding sufficient men to work the heavy crop.  The heavy frost of some nights ago hardly affected the crop, but ruined all gardens.  The temperature dropped to 35 degrees.

School has reopened with many country children using the extra school vans placed on the road.

How could we summarize what is happening in Spirit River this September 20th, 2012?  We might include:

The Spirit River Renegades and their groundbreaking coach are off to a great start in the 2012 season of the Peace Wapiti Varsity Volleyball League.  The first tournament of the year was hosted by SRRA, Ste. Marie Catholic School and Rycroft School this past weekend.

Dry, hot conditions have made for an early harvest.  The Peace Country is still enjoying hot, sunny days and the beautiful colours of fall.  There has been no hint of frost so far.

The Town of Spirit River has a great new website, full of up to date news and happenings with pictures from both the past and present.  It’s well worth a look!

What would you write?  Tell us with a comment or a word on the email:

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3 Responses to September 20th Flashback

  1. Concrete sidewalks! Impressive. I remember wooden sidewalks going up 8th St. in Dawson Creek in the early fifties. They had concrete downtown but going up the big hill they had wooden ones and when it was rainy and people started using the sidewalk, the gumbo started to collect and it was worth your life to try walking on the sidewalk. Something like a waterslide made of clay gumbo.

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