Important Links

People often end up here at Town Spirit looking for the Central Peace Signal and, more specifically, local obituaries.  You must have an online subscription to the Signal to read it, and you can get one by following this link.

Other places you may find the obituary you are looking for:

Grande Prairie Herald Tribune/ Peace Country Sun

Oliver’s Funeral Chapel (Grande Prairie)

Bear Creek Funeral Home   (Grande Prairie)

Bergeron Funeral Services (Dawson Creek)

Reynars Funeral Home and Crematorium (Dawson Creek)

In Memoriam (link is for Dawson Creek, but you can search any city in Canada)

Fairview Post

If you are looking for information about anything in the Spirit River area and you haven’t found it on Town Spirit, please leave a suggestion.  If it helps you, it will probably help others.  If you can provide information about anything happening here, please make the post yourself!  Just email

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