Blue-Green Algae at Moonshine

If you are off to Moonshine Lake this weekend, be aware that there is blue-green algae in the water.  The full advisory is here, in the Herald Tribune.

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3 Responses to Blue-Green Algae at Moonshine

  1. Wow! Not even a swim. I’ve dipped my legs into that lake, but it was long enough ago that I know it obviously didn’t have a blue-green algae problem at that time. (I’m still alive and I didn’t get sick.) I sure wouldn’t tempt fate with the present conditions though. That’s scary stuff. I hope they have it posted at the lake. I’m sure they must. Wonder if the fish are affected (if there are any in that lake).

    • townspirit says:

      Yes, the lake is stocked. The article says just to be careful not to eat too much fish just now. Apparently the blue-green algae makes it to the liver but does not stay in the flesh. Thorough washing (with blue-green algae free water) is obviously a smart idea. But cooking has no effect on the toxin.

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