Swan Lake

Are we finished with the really hot weather?  No matter.  The balmy breezes and still strong sunshine will last for a while yet.  Here’s another suggestion for camping or a fun day trip: Swan Lake Provincial Park.

Swan Lake is in B.C., 20km south of Pouce Coupe.  The lake is the largest in the Peace Country and it is shallow enough to be quite warm.  There are 41 nicely tended campsites; a home base for your swimming, water skiing and fishing (Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Barbot and Walleye).  If you prefer enjoying the lake from shore, a lakeside trail may be more your style, or, if you have a group along, try out the baseball diamond.  Of course, the sandy beach might be all you need 🙂

There is also a playground, horseshoe pits, a fishing weir and easy birdwatching.

Swan Lake Provincial Park is only open May to September.  So hurry up and go!

Got a favourite destination?  Tell us!  Please leave a comment or email townspirit@hotmail.com 🙂

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2 Responses to Swan Lake

  1. Somewhere I have a photo of Swan Lake in the 50s before there were any campsites. There was a tiny shack set up where you could rent rowboats for fishing. I think it was something like 25 cents an hour? Not sure. If I find the photo I’ll send it. It’s not great quality, but it’s Swan Lake. I’ve eaten some good fish that came out of that lake. Would be interesting to see it now.

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