Historic Building Restoration

Dunvegan’s newest historic building is coming along nicely this summer.  The Révillon Frères Trading Post is being restored on site just off the parking lot near the horseshoe pits.  From 1906 to 1915, the building was used as a trading post and afterwards converted for use as a residence and then a granary before ultimately returning to the Dunvegan site.  It is hoped the building will be open as part of the historical tour next spring.  Read the Fairview Post article here.

Révillon Frères was a French fur and luxury goods company founded in the early 1700s.  For 33 years beginning in 1903 it rivaled the great Hudson’s Bay Company with nearly as many posts across northern Canada.  In 1936, HBC bought out Révillon’s northern stores while the Revillon company evolved in other directions.

Does anyone know the history of the Révillon Frères Trading Post in Spirit River?  If so, your comment or email is coveted.  townspirit@hotmail.com 🙂

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3 Responses to Historic Building Restoration

  1. That is really great! I like to see history preserved whenever possible. Reminds people of our heritage. We have little enough of it in this relatively new country.

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