Paddle for the Peace 2012

Here is a video from the 7th annual Paddle for the Peace, a peaceful protest against the proposed Site C dam.  Hundreds of people turned up on July 14th to paddle the B.C. Peace between Fort St. John and Hudson’s Hope and show that they want the Peace River Valley to stay as it is for generations to come.  Many, including David Suzuki, spoke up in opposition to the dam project, while others expressed their love of the valley by taking to the water in all sorts of small boats.  It is a spectacle of summer fun, but also of a powerful common desire to protect a natural area.

So, 1100 megawatts of power plus plenty of jobs vs preservation of 11,000 acres of fertile farmland and the beautiful, wild Peace River Valley.  No matter which side you are on, it is good to be informed of what is going on.  There are some leads as to what a third dam on the Peace River my mean for the Alberta Peace in this article from the Record Gazette (Peace River), but certainly not concrete information.  Does anyone know where to find out exactly how the W.A.C. Bennett Dam has affected our area?  Or what we could expect if the Site C dam project should go ahead?  If so, Town Spirit would be most pleased to pass on the information to readers.

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One Response to Paddle for the Peace 2012

  1. Good to know people are speaking up.

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