Spring Lake

Looking for good camping and good fishing and don’t care too much for campground services?  Spring Lake might be the perfect destination for you.  This is Spring Lake right here in the Peace Country, just north of Hythe, not the one just west of Spruce Grove – no resort at this one!

Spring Lake has been known to fishermen for nearly a century now.  The catch must have been good, since in the early days the trail was typically nearly impossible to navigate.  Many years later the company now known as Weyerhaeuser pledged a lot of money to improve things, starting with the road and camping sites, plus a beach and tap water.  Then came an aerator and annual stocking with rainbow trout.  Spring Lake may be small, but it gets deep.  Fish grow up to 8 Ibs (some say 10).

As of this year, Spring Lake has a store, a new dock, and boats for rent.  Despite the ongoing improvements, this is still a road less travelled: you can enjoy the peace of one of these hot, calm days virtually alone in the virtual wilderness.

If you can’t make it to Spring Lake this summer, you can go in the winter!  There is a nearby ski hill, complete with T-bar and chalet.  And of course the fishing doesn’t stop just because the lake freezes over.

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  1. And no mosquitoes, right?

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