Dry Storm Sunset

Whew, what a wind blew through here last week!  It set the clouds roiling, the dugouts churning and the birds and bags tossing, but it didn’t let a stray drop of rain pitter or patter upon us.  We got a lovely (dusty) sunset though:

The highway through town, with the campsite just down the hill to the right (out of the picture)

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2 Responses to Dry Storm Sunset

  1. Has it been dry for a long time up there? Here in Comox, we haven’t had any rain probably for a month. It’s all or nothing around here. First you get so much rain you think there must be moss growing between your toes, and then it’s so dry that the grass breaks off when you walk on it. Whatever happened to moderation?
    Your windstorm must have really dried things out more. The dust particles make for beautiful skies though!

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