Stargazers Look Up!

The Perseid Meteor Shower  is peaking right now, with about 100 meteors per hour.  And there is the added bonus of Jupiter, Venus and the crescent Moon aligning once again, as well as shining their brightest on August 13th.  And we’ve got the clearest skies in the province these days.

The best time for viewing is an hour or two before dawn… but for the best advice, let’s go straight to NASA.  Enjoy the video, and enjoy the show in the theatre of stars!

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4 Responses to Stargazers Look Up!

  1. How timely! I’ve just published Orion’s Gift on today. All about a stargazing couple in Baja California. This is just the e-book. The paperback is coming soon.
    I’ll be watching for the alignment of Jupiter, Venus and the moon. Thanks for the reminder of the meteorite activity.

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