Answers to Quiz XII: Butterflies

Butterflies are difficult to identify!  How did you do with Town Spirit’s 12th quiz?  Check your answers with the ones below, keeping in mind that these are best guesses and not necessarily spot on.  If you have experience with identifying butterflies, please leave a comment!  Your input is most valuable.

Everes amyntula: Western Tailed Blue or Boisduval’s Blue. See the tiny white tails on the wings?

Limenitis arthemus: the White Admiral. This is also the Redspotted Purple, once thought to be a different species because of the variance in colours and patterns.

Phyciodes tharos: the Pearl Crescent. This one is difficult to identify because there are several types of Crescents that look very similar. Anyone know for sure which it is?

Would you like to create a crafty quiz?  Or craft a creative quiz?  Either way, Town Spirit would be pleased to post your efforts!  Just email to get your message across.

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2 Responses to Answers to Quiz XII: Butterflies

  1. That was a tough one, but still interesting! I like these quizzes. Helps make us aware of what’s out there.

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