Peace Valley Guest Ranch

The name says it all: if you are looking for a quiet, restful getaway in the beautiful Peace River valley – and who wouldn’t? –  then Peace Valley Guest Ranch is for you.

Nestled between the river and the rolling hills, this working ranch near Berwyn provides a unique Peace Country experience.  From the moment you begin your descent down the winding road into the valley, a sense of repose settles upon you.  Glimpses of the ranch can be seen below, where the river curves gently out of sight beyond undulating hills.  The ultimate privacy and serenity of a ranch at the end of the road is unmistakeably welcoming.

Breathe fresh Peace valley air, listen to the birds, appreciate the simplicity of your own cozy sleeping cabin and homemade cinnamon buns.  Exploring or cruising in the riverboat will work up your appetite.  Tackle a T-bone with all the trimmings in the candlelit ranch house, built in 1919. Then let a well-broke horse carry you and your full stomach along a trail traversing gentle hills to perfect vantage points to see a famous Peace Country sunset.  When your shadows measure three times the height of your horse, it’s time for hot biscuits and telling tales around the fire until everyone’s tuckered out and it’s time to bed down.  Listen for the call of an owl.

Morning sounds and the smell of pancakes and sausages will stir your senses come sun up.  Then it’s time to saddle up again for one more lingering ride before it’s time to wind up the hill road again, back to the everyday world.

This sounds like an ad, but in this case, what sounds like superlative is just plain descriptive.  And it all comes at a very reasonable price.  You will want to want to return again and again.  For more on packages, prices and contact information, click here.  You’ll also find pictures.  And to see the Alberta Primetime feature video on the Peace Valley Guest Ranch, click here.

If you know of a truly “Peaceful” summer getaway idea, Town Spirit would be pleased to post it.  Just email, or leave a comment so we can follow up on your suggestion.  Thanks!

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4 Responses to Peace Valley Guest Ranch

  1. Carolyn Brown says:

    Just had a truly wonderful couple of days out there in the autumn silence. Our group saw the migration of the sandhill cranes (actually they slept just across the river), and a flock of loons floating in the fog. Each time we go there is something new to take in, but always it is one of the most peaceful experiences we know. Not used to being pampered, but it sure is nice!
    Did you know there is an Alberta Primetime movie about the Ranch? It is very well done, made this August.

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