Quiz XII: Butterflies

Time for another fun photo quiz!  This one is quite challenging, unless you are a nature know-it-all!  (If you are, why aren’t you writing for Town Spirit yet?).  OK, no more clutter guys.  Let’s get to the butterflies:

Good luck, and enjoy!

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2 Responses to Quiz XII: Butterflies

  1. I thought the middle one was a painted lady, but when I looked on Wikipedia to check, their photos look different. But the one you have pictured (in the middle) is the kind that we watched hatch in a science kit at school. My class released the butterflies in a field trip/picnic to my big back yard and ever since, when I see one of these painted ladies, I wonder if it’s a descendant of the ones we “raised” at school.

  2. townspirit says:

    The kids here hatch painted ladies too! Oh, that’s because they are “the most cosmopolitan of all butterflies”. How many little girls have fallen in love with the name Vanessa in science class?

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