Smoky Weekend

Things are looking a little clearer around Spirit River now, but it was a very smoky weekend.  We could both see and smell the smoke from the more northerly wildfires.

East of Spirit River

Looking grey in town.

A few hours before sunset, before the sun gets really pale pink through the smoke cover.

Looking north, straight out of Spirit River.

Rycroft elevators are barely visible.

If you have photos of the Peace Country you would like to share, Town Spirit would be please to post them.  Just email

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3 Responses to Smoky Weekend

  1. That’s very smoky! We had a couple of hazy weeks in the Vancouver Island area and were told it was smoke from forest fires in Siberia drifting down this way. Any idea where the forest fires are up your way? That’s pretty thick stuff!

    • townspirit says:

      Wow, Siberia! Amazing. It’s the Zama City fire that is getting the most blame for the smoke in Edmonton. Zama City is in the far northwest corner of the province, so the smoke had to travel 1000 km to reach the Edmonton area. We might have gotten that smoke, or there is an out of control fire in the Manning area that could be contributing as well. We got rain last night, and hopefully the fires got drenched too.

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