Answers to Quiz XI: Wildflowers and Weeds

How did you do with the Wildflowers and Weeds picture quiz?  Want to see if your answers agree?  Check out the solution, and if you find you beg to differ, please leave a comment! Your input is always valued here 🙂

Twining Honeysuckle. You can use its hollow stems as drinking straws!

Wild Vetch. Watch for it in cream, orange and pink as well.

Wild Bluebells

Campanula rotundifolia, or Harebells: “Hope is like a harebell, trembling from its birth…” Christina Rossetti, ‘Hope is Like A Harebell’.

Chickweed – the aptly named Stellaria Media.

Sweet scented Yarrow. Its latin name Achillea millefolium comes from the fact that Achilles carried it into battle to treat wounded soldiers (it staunches blood flow).

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