Manning Author Released Fifth Book

Beverly Lein, a born and raised Peace Country writer, has her fifth book available for purchase.  Thriller Evil on the Peace River may be a new genre for Lein, but so was every book she wrote after the first.

Many find the Peace Region inspirational, and Lein certainly taps into the world of small towns she knows so well.  Evil on the Peace River is just as ominous as it sounds, however: two psychopathic killers have arrived in Manning, intent on getting up to no good.  Sounds like a chilling read, especially if you are familiar with Manning!

This is certainly an about face for the author who began with an autobiographical story of elk ranching.  When a baby elk named Butter wandered into the house, the inevitable happened: Lein ended up with An Elk in the House.

Next came The Three Saints of Christmas, another story set in the Peace Country and this time aimed at young readers.  In the winter of 1866, five children are left at home on an isolated homestead for three days.  What seems at first like an exciting adventure suddenly turns grim when there is an accident with a horse and wagon.  Luckily, someone is watching over the children and it is a happy Christmas after all.

The perils of the 19th century northern wilderness are all too close in Wolf Spirit: The Story of Moon Beam as well.  This book explores the relationship between an odd pair of characters: a young Indian chief and Rachel, a ten year old whose only family is the pack of wolves she raised.

Mary: Woman of Sorrows is also historical fiction, but this book is set far away from the Peace Country.  This is an interpretation of the lives of two Marys, the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.  It’s the story of the life, death and resurrection of Christ from an unusual, contemporary perspective.

What’s next for Lein?  Pirates!

You can find Lein’s books on Amazon or through the Spirit River Municipal Library.  There should be something for everyone in the Beverly Lein collection!

If you know a Peace Country author or writer, or if you are one, Town Spirit would be pleased to spread the word about your work!  Just drop a few words in the comment box or use email (

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