The Music of the Summer

Listen…  on a still, hot afternoon, drive slowly around Spirit River and listen… in the lengthening shadows of the evening, tune out the songs of exuberant birds for a moment and listen

You may be lucky enough to experience a rare phenomenon known only in the quietude of late spring and summer in Spirit River.  If you are truly fortunate, this phenomenon is literally at your fingertips.

On long, quiet evenings and still afternoons, if you stand completely still, you may just be able to make out the soft, distant strains of back porch guitarists strumming peacefully to themselves.  Faint melodies from woodwinds may waft to your ears on slight breezes.  Lyrics, in murmurs, are lost in the leaves and the grass.

If you have heard this, you have had an aural glimpse into the secret world of Spirit River soloists.  Hidden, elusive, scarce, the individuals who dwell in this place can almost never be lured into the open.  If you find one, be still.  Let them alone.  Revel in their magic and, lest you never discover another, just listen

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