Huckleberry Pie

Are you drooling over that title?  You’ll have to wait a little while… summer is the time for berries!  Raspberries, saskatoons, strawberries (why does the spell checker not recognize saskatoons?) … and huckleberries!  So start planning ahead!  Rumour has it, you can pick pailsful of huckleberries on Puggins Mountain, just out of Dawson Creek (and the spell checker goes wild!).  So, if you love the taste of wild berries on your tongue, don’t let the opportunity pass you pie – I mean by! – go and scope out some huckleberry fields and someone to bake you a crisp.

Now the question is, are these “huckleberries” what we call blueberries?  And should Blueberry Mountain actually be Huckleberry Hill?  Well, that’s a huckleberry over my persimmon.  You’ll have to find someone else to be your huckleberry.

Don’t forget the Peace Cherry Ranch can satisfy your berry and cherry cravings.  Contact them for news on how the crop of 7 different kinds of cherries, haskap and honeyberries are coming along.

Got any tips about berry picking in the Peace?  If it’s not a close kept secret, pass the hint to everyone through Town Spirit!  Email or hit that comment button.

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