The Kiskatinaw Curved Bridge and Park

Summer is upon all people who have a weekend free to enjoy our beautiful spring weather!  It’s time to fuel up the camper, find the sandals, and add to Town Spirit’s Summer Fun category.

To start with, here is an update on a destination first posted about last August, The Kiskatinaw Provincial Park with the amazing WWII curved wooden bridge.  This is an excellent day trip or weekend camping expedition.  Read all about it here.

And the update: click here to see a short video about the bridge.

If you have a favourite destination in the Peace Country, why not tell us all about it, here on Town Spirit?  It’s easy.  Just email or drop an idea in the comment box.  Feedback welcome!

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2 Responses to The Kiskatinaw Curved Bridge and Park

  1. When we were kids, my brother and sisters and I used to “swim” in the Kiskatinaw. There were a couple of good spots with clear pools that were more than knee deep. We’d hold onto a big rock and let the current lift our bodies up. Great picnic spot on the banks after a chilly dip. We used to love going there. Somewhere I still have some old black and white photos of those happy days.

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