Sci Fi Author from D.C.

The sky is big and bright out here in the Peace Country – especially at night when the stars twinkle with the beckoning light of distant galaxies, each with its own myriad of stories and wonders.  Somehow, those stories got to Pouce Coupe author Phyllis K Twombly.  She’s willing to tell you some of them…

Twombly has now published three books of “The Martian Symbiont” series.  “Been Blued” is about aliens returned to Earth, experiencing problems only an alien would have: mating, avoiding detection,worrying about the future… how can it all be resolved?

In the second book, “Martian Blues,” Earth is under attack!  Can the advanced symbiont species maintain peace?  And what happens when an alien, non-human non-Martian being is discovered living in their midst?

In book three, “Martian Divides,” the small population of humans that do not have a symbiont, telepathic alien life form coexisting in their bodies has become wary and angry.  They want to protect what remains of real humanity but end up shocking the world by attacking a Martian.  Peace has just been restored after the outside attack in book two; now there may be an even greater threat from right on planet Earth.

Sounds like an interesting series.  If you would like to get your hands on it, check on Amazon or in local bookstores.  You can also read more on Twombly’s web site.  As always, your Spirit River Municipal Library can get these books for you, provided you are up to date on your membership 😉

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