Author Michael Parlee at June Jamboree

Spirit River is fortunate to have two local authors appearing at the June Jamboree this weekend.  Tom Watson has received plenty of attention in the newspaper, and you can find him easily online.  So let’s have a look at Michael Parlee and his writing.

Born in the Peace Country and raised a farmer, Parlee had to wait until retirement to achieve a lifelong goal of writing and publishing.  That he has accomplished: two books are published and three more are on the way.

Tanya is a story of romance and relationships, good times and bad.  Set in Alberta’s Westview Valley, the novel follows Tanya and Tom Parker over several decades as they meet, part and find one another again several times in different circumstances.  Tanya has been called a “pioneer love story”.  Alongside the main theme of trying and testing a relationship, there is a matrix of Peace Country history: logging, farming, World War II, entrepreneurship, and Prairie grit.  Tanya was published in 2006.

What happens when 13-year old Andrew, a troubled foster child, decides there is only one way out of his painful existence?  You’ll have to read Son of Sister Maria  to find out.  Or you could read more on  Parlee’s second book was published in 2011.

Parlee’s third book, soon to be published, is a children’s book called Grandpa’s Magic Beard.  The fourth is called You Must Forgive to Live (no details on this one yet; you’ll just have to wait), and the fifth is yet another genre: a family history titled The Parlee-Hudz Connection.  This author has definitely caught the writing bug!

Don’t miss Michael Parlee and Tom Watson, two of our many local authors, at the June Jamboree trade fair this weekend!  You can purchase signed copies of their books on the spot, or if you can’t make it to the fair, you can find their books on Amazon, in Beth’s Books and in our local libraries.  Parlee’s are available as ebooks, and check Google books for an online preview.

If you are a local author, or know of one, Town Spirit would be most thrilled if you would like to write a post for the blog or just send an idea for one via the comment button or emailing  Advertise, inform, entertain: it’s all the same on Town Spirit.


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2 Responses to Author Michael Parlee at June Jamboree

  1. mparlee37279 says:

    Thank you so much for the well-written article! We appreciate the added publicity! Who writes the articles? Pauline and Michael Parlee

    • townspirit says:

      Thanks very much. It’s good to know people read Town Spirit and like it! Everyone writes the articles… if they’d only send some in. Town Spirit is open to everyone, so if you have something to say we’d love to facilitate a post.

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