Pachyrhinosaurus Book

It’s almost summer time and you may be looking for something out of the ordinary to do with your kids or visitors.  A tour of Pipestone Creek, where a Pachyrhinosaurus bone bed of utmost importance to palaeontology is studied every summer, is a great choice.  More about the site here.

If you know a  dinosaur fanatic, young or old, have a look at this book about the Pipestone Creek find.  Pachyrhinosaurus: The Mystery of the Horned Dinosaur was written by Monique Keiran for the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta.  It tells the complete story of the Pipestone Creek bone bed as well as how the Pachyrhinosaurs came to be lying there for millions of years.  This is the perfect primer for a tour of the site or an excellent souvenir.

If you know of any local sites of interest or books about the Peace Country, Town Spirit would love to get the tip to share with everyone in time for summer!  Please leave a comment or email

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    Thanks for a great post! Find out more information about the tours here:

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