VBA Blogger Award!

Town Spirit has won a Versatile Blogger Award! 

VBAs are thumbs up to a blogger from a fellow blogger who thinks your posts are great!  Thanks very much to Anneli Purchase, the mastermind behind wordsfromanneli for nominating the mastermind behind Town Spirit 🙂  Your acknowledgement is truly appreciated.

One of the “rules” of the VBAs is that the winner should tell the nominator seven things about themselves.  Well, Town Spirit is all about Spirit River and area, so how about seven things about Spirit River?  And since Town Spirit is an interactive blog open to everyone’s suggestions and submissions, what would you like to tell everyone about Spirit River?  Please leave a comment below 🙂


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3 Responses to VBA Blogger Award!

  1. I know that way back in the 50s (that’s 1950s) Spirit River had a hockey team. We drove from Dawson Creek to watch the games between the two towns. Does anyone remember what the Spirit River team was called? Dawson Creek had the Canucks in those days. Fort St. John had the Flyers. That’s all the teams I can remember.

  2. townspirit says:

    According to the history book, Spirit River’s hockey team has lways been called the Spirit River Rangers. Do you remember the roof of the arena caving in? That was sometime in the 50s.

  3. townspirit says:

    Here’s something: in mid-May, Spirit River begins to smell like ginger ale because the poplar trees are budding. By the end of May it is the scent of apple blossoms filling the air, and right now, in the beginning of June, the smell of lilac is wafting everywhere. Delicious!

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