How Did You Find Town Spirit?

How do people come to find Town Spirit? Internet surfers from around the world end up here each day, usually amounting to a few hundred views a week.

Some have found out about the blog by searching terms like “Spirit River” or “Rycroft”.  Many are looking for The Central Peace Signal on line, others for information about an event or facility in our community. Those people are looking for specific answers.

Others, local or farther afield, arrive at Town Spirit by searching more general terms like “haskap berries”, “historical opera singers”, or “chuck wagon racers”.  Those people find information on those subjects that directly relates to the Peace Country.

Any post tagged “photography” attracts fellow bloggers from all over the world.  Those surfers get a look at the beautiful Peace Country and the talents of local photographers.

Many people bookmark Town Spirit’s address or punch it in directly.  Those are the ones who keep coming back to see what is going on in the Spirit River area today.

Once in a while, someone will type something like “why do people live in Spirit River” in the search box.  Those are the people who have the most to find out.

Town Spirit’s purpose is to provide instant gratification for all those people with all their search terms.  Your help is invaluable in that effort.  If you have an event to advertise, a story about the Peace Country to tell, a photo to show off, a note to us locals, or a great reason why you live in Spirit River, add it to Town Spirit’s collection!  All you have to do is email and you’ll see your words and images online and available to the world!

Hope to hear from you 🙂


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3 Responses to How Did You Find Town Spirit?

  1. Actually you found me because of the Peace River bridge collapse bit that I wrote on my blog and then I was happy to check out your blog.

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