Peace Spinners and Weavers

The Peace Country is full of artists of all kinds – including fibre artists!  Threads Along the Peace is a newsletter on a blog where you can read what’s going on in the world of Spinners and Weavers of the Peace River Region.  This looks to be a thriving community of artists, geographically far flung but, may we say, woven together by their common passion!

The Spring 2012 edition of Threads Along the Peace is just out and loaded with news about projects, conferences, workshops, quizzes and jokes.  If you have an interest in the fibre arts, you’ll want to check it out.
Do you belong to a creative group in the Peace Country?  Town Spirit would love to host a post from you to inspire us all!  Leave a comment below or email with your pictures, articles, and links.  Many thanks for your contribution to enriching our community!

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