Answers to Spirit River Quiz IX

How did you do with Quiz IX?  Did you ace it?  Are you the king or queen of local trivia?  Time to check your answers.  Good luck!  Here’s the quiz again, in case you missed it, with the answers stuck in.

1. What was one early nickname for the Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia Railway (ED & BC) applied by northern wise-crackers?

Extremely Dangerous and Badly Constructed.

2.  The Ksituan River got its name from a version of a familiar Cree word.  What is the word and what does it mean?

Ksituan is a form of the Cree word sohkeciwan, or saskatchewan, and means swift or strong current.

3.  What early adventurer passed through Fort Dunvegan by dogsled as part of a 4000-mile journey undertaken on horseback, foot and dogsled?

Sir William Francis Butler

4.  In 1928, a major figure in Canadian history used the Peace River route (including Fort Dunvegan) on his 5000-mile trip to the Pacific which remains the longest North American canoe journey made in one season.  Who was he?

Sir George Simpson (and he brought along his dog, wife and personal piper).

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3 Responses to Answers to Spirit River Quiz IX

  1. sparrow says:

    That was challenging. Except for question 2.

  2. I was hoping you would put in the answers. Thanks.

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