Celestial Sparklers Meet This Weekend

Venus, Jupiter and our very own moon are meeting in the western sky this weekend.  The two planets have been converging for a while and will continue to do so until mid-March, when they will be just 3 degrees apart from a viewing perspecive.  But this weekend they are joined at twilight by the crescent moon.  If the skies are clear, make sure you get out and take in the celestial sparklers!

Today at sunset the moon will be closer to Venus, the planet nearer the horizon.  By Sunday it will have moved next to Jupiter.  Two nights, two triangles, two chances for the snowclouds to be gone long enough to see this triple conjunction!

Learn more about the science behind this event in this video from NASA.

If you have some astronomical news to share, Town Spirit wants to hear from you! Please leave a comment or email townspirit

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2 Responses to Celestial Sparklers Meet This Weekend

  1. What great lessons in astronomy you’ve given us in the last three posts. I’ll be watching the skies for sure tonight.

  2. townspirit says:

    As beautiful as our new snow is, hopefully the sky will be clear tonight for star-gazing.

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