Two Children’s Books About Dawson Creek

There is no shortage of books about the Peace Country.  The more you look, the more you find!  It is a little hard to track down some of the older titles but it can be done.  Here are a couple of children’s books about the history of Dawson Creek, published in the 90s and still out there:

Elaine Breault Hammond spent time in Dawson Creek researching her third time travel novel, Explosion at Dawson Creek.  Maggie and Marc suddenly find themselves back in the 2nd World War era boomtown and must live as the locals do.  They witness the building of the Alaska Highway as well as the explosion (more about that here).  The author  lost an uncle in the disaster.  Published in 1998, Explosion at Dawson Creek is available if a little tricky to find.

“This Was No ²yxnh Picnic!”: 2.4 years of wild and woolly mayhem in Dawson Creek was written by John Schmidt in 1991. ²yxnh is supposed to say, ahem,  something in Ukrainian, but this is the title as it appears on Amazon.  A search for a synopsis of this book was unsuccessful, but presumably it is also about the early days in the wild town of Dawson Creek.  Amazon has categorized it as part of a children’s book series.

Both of these books are available through Amazon, but another option is to browse at Beth’s Books, where local books are always forefront.  If you see any more Peace Country books while you’re there, why not add to the local author collection here on Town Spirit?  Send your discoveries to 🙂

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