Where to Put the Fort?

Why is the Dunvegan crossing where it is?  Fort Dunvegan was placed on the north side of the southernmost bend of the Peace River to make it as close to the Spirit River/Grande Prairie gateway-to-points-further-east as possible.  Why the north side?  Because Alberta, unlike most of the provinces, was settled from the north.  Fur traders and the Hudson’s Bay company arrived here first.

What do you know about the Spirit River region?  If you’ve got any fun facts or photographs, Town Spirit would love to host your post.  Just email townspirit@hotmail.com or leave a comment below.  Easy!

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3 Responses to Where to Put the Fort?

  1. Anneli says:

    As a child I met a shivering man who had been for a swim in the Pouce Coupe River. My brother and I were laughing at him because he t-t-t-talked funny wh-wh-when he shivered with the c-c-cold. He told us that he had swum across the Peace River at Dunvegan. We were impressed. If it wasn’t for this huge claim from a shivering man, Dunvegan wouldn’t have stayed in my mind the way it has all these years.

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