Season of Wonder

Apparently Jack Frost needed an extended vacation up in Alaska this year, but he breezed back into town with a vengeance yesterday.  What a lot of bluster to scatter so little snow!  Hopefully the colder temperatures will help those tiny flakes stick around for a while so things can get back to normal.

It may have been nice not to have to shovel, or even scrape windshields for the first month of winter.  And, yes, it is nice to be able to get around without boots up to the knee (or snowshoes).  But what’s winter without the white muffler of powder?  Admit it, you missed your down parka and the frost patterns on the window, the clarity of sound and the crispness of the air.  You know how the snow squeaks under your boots?  Remember how it feels to build yourself an easychair in the playground or scoop up a blob of the fresh stuff to chew?  When you go to bed at night you never know what the world will look like when you wake up.  The cold air makes our cheeks rosy, opens conversation with strangers, brings us closer together through feigned misery and a feeling of common strength against the elements.  The beauty of snow sparkle, sculptured drifts and shadows, and gingerbread icing on rooftops and trees is astonishing in its bold contrasts, including a macro simplicity and a micro intricacy of natural phenomena.

Winter is truly a season of wonder.  If, lately, we have been wondering what happened to it, at least now we have it back.  So take down your skis, dig out your extra layers and liners, and go out there and breathe it in… slowly, now! That air is COLD!

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One Response to Season of Wonder

  1. I love your descriptions in this posting. In my mind I was there as I read about winter in the north. Very nicely written.

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