Famous Folk in Spirit River

Guess what famous singer once played in Spirit River?  Gordon Lightfoot!  He was here in 1967 on a Canadian Centennial concert tour. Was his the first concert at the Centennial Hall?

Lightfoot is back in the area, playing at the CN Centre in Dawson Creek November 23rd.  Read an interview with him about it here.

Got any fun factoids about Spirit River and area?  Town Spirit wants to collect them!  Please hit the comment button or email townspirit@hotmail.com.

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One Response to Famous Folk in Spirit River

  1. Gilbert Dion says:

    This fall will be fifty years that Gordon Lightfoot played at the Centennial Hall in Spirit River. Marlene and I were both at that concert and we remember it well. A few years later my sister Marilyn attended another concert of his in Edmonton and he mentioned having been up north to Spirit River and being guided by the local doctors, Laventure, Block and Paulovich on a hunting trip. We have since attended three more of his concerts as we thoroughly enjoy his music.

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