It’s here!  This weekend we’ve had a couple of squalling snow falls blizzarding out of the blue (well, grey), just enough to powder the prairie grasses and sprinkle the tip of your nose.  Maybe you got your ankles wet too?

It seems like this year winter was a long time coming, even though spring seemed to last forever!  And we still haven’t quite got that bite to the air that we might expect just one month before the beginning of official winter.  Still it’s high time to show off the winter wear and rosy cheeks!

What do you think, Spirit Riverites?  Are you pleased to welcome the beauteous snow?  Or did you spend your Sunday looking up flights to Mexico?  Consider sharing your thoughts with Town Spirit!  You won’t get a penny, but you might get five minutes of internet fame…  and your input is always appreciated on Town Spirit 🙂  Don’t forget to send photos!

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