Spirit River Represents in the NHL

Quick, name three Spirit River boys who have made it all the way to the National Hockey League.  (Feel free to name more, if you know of any, and tell Town Spirit!)

Can you do it?

Here are the ones Town Spirit knows about (so far?)

1. Rob Dumas, born in 1969 in Spirit River, Alberta.  Started his professional career with the Seattle Breakers in 1984.

2. Dave Andruchiw, born in 1952 in Spirit River, Alberta.  Signed on with the Vancouver Nats in 1971, playing forward.

3. Tom Sawers, born in Spirit River, Alberta in 1986.  Joined the Lloydminster Blazers in 2003 as a defense man.

And there was Danny Muloin, a Spirit River Rangers MVP who played in the International Hockey League with the Milwaukee Falcons in 1960 when they placed third in the west division.

Not bad for a small town!

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