Pipestone Bonebeds on “Born To Explore”

The Peace Country’s very own dinosaur bone bed was featured in an episode of ABC’s “Born to Explore” that aired Saturday.

The show takes viewers across the world in search of amazing experiences that can’t be found in guidebooks.  We know the Pipestone Creek and the rest of the Peace Country is a hidden gem: now host Richard Wiese (world-class explorer) and viewers in the U.S. and the rest of Canada know too!

Just for comparison,  other episodes of “Born to Explore” featured Iceland’s volcanoes and the resident’s unique adaptations,  Polar Bears and the Inuit in Labrador, baby elephants in Botswana, and the Tiwi Islands off Australia.

The Herald Tribune has a story about the Pipestone Creek episode here, and if you missed seeing it on tv, you can at least see a You Tube Promo.  Watch for very familiar scenery!

For more on Pipestone Creek, click here.

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One Response to Pipestone Bonebeds on “Born To Explore”

  1. Loved filming there.Can’t wait to come back with my family

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