Where is the Resting Knoll?

In the Spirit River area, we don’t often think of our history as one of blood and battles.  Yet before we were all here this place was very different.

Take, for example, this entry from the travel journal of Hugh McIntyre, who travelled up here from Manitoba in 1912:

On our tour of inspection yesterday we passed the famous “resting knoll” of Indian fame where the Beavers went to wait and watch for their enemies the Crees while both parties were on their way to the H.B. post at Dunvegan with their supply of furs. Many a bloody fight has been waged at this spot and many a doughty warrior has bit the dust turning the grass crimson as he lay. How I wish the trees could talk and tell us of the sight they had seen some 50 years ago.

The question is, where is the “resting knoll”?  Of all the rises and hills and ‘mountains,’ which was host to the ambush?

If anyone can answer this little mystery, please leave a comment below or email townspirit@hotmail.com.

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