The Legend of Spirit River

Another spooky story about Spirit River!

Hugh McIntyre, an early traveller in our area, recorded the origin of Spirit River’s name:

The Spirit River runs at the back of the barn thru ravines a hundred feet deep–just a poky little stream. It derived its name thus: Many moons ago one of the mighty Beaver bucks took his departure to the happy hunting grounds but before going he intimated his intention of coming back at an early date to walk along the banks of the River. Sure enough, two days after the brave’s spirit took its flight to regions unknown, he came back and was seen, true to his word, walking along these very banks. From that day the stream has been called the Spirit River.

Compare this version of the story to this one or this one, posted last Hallowe’en.  People always like to tailor a good tale!

Got a Hallowe’en story?  Send it to so we can all enjoy it!

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