Answers to Spirit River Quiz VIII: Guts and Glory

It has been a long time since Town Spirit’s tricky quiz #8 was posted.  It’s about time for the answers!  Just to review, here is the quiz again (followed by the answers):

1.  What Spirit River veteran of WWI received the Victoria Cross for his extraordinary bravery during the Battle of the Somme?

2. A local man went on to become an Archbishop, much-loved throughout the world.  Who is he?

3.  What well-respected former Spirit River mayor had the province on his side when he faced extradition to the U.S. to serve time for train robbery and jail breaking?

4. Which Northern explorer was asked to leave Spirit River and take his disruptive dogsled team with him?

5.  Who was the local rancher who sailed around the world in a trawler yacht?

And the answers, ta da! with links to their stories:

1. Chip Kerr

2. Metropolitan Hilarion (Kapral)

3. Jim Fahey (Frank Grigware)

4. R. M. Patterson

5. Ben Gray

How did you do?  Check out the other Spirit River Quizzes in the quizzes category and watch for Quiz IX, Coming Soon to a Screen Near You…

Think you can write a nifty quiz to challenge Town Spirit readers?  Send it to

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