Celebrating Libraries!

October is Canadian Libraries Month!  What better way to celebrate than to read… a book about the beginnings of our Peace Country libraries.

That book is Book Guy: A Librarian in the Peace.  The author is Howard Overend, the Book Guy himself.  He was the man who introduced mobile library service to the Spirit River area, the B.C. Peace and areas farther north, delivering books to people starved of written material.  60 years ago the travelling life was hard, but here was a hardy librarian ready to overcome mud and mire, snow and swamp.  He brought education, enjoyment and amazement to isolated pioneers.  Then he put his own education, enjoyment and amazement into a book.  What a perfect closing chapter for The Librarian in the Peace.

You can find Book Guy here at Google Books or here for sale.  Maybe check our library, too!

Enjoy Canadian Library Month, Spirit River!

Got a library story?  Email townspirit@hotmail.com!

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2 Responses to Celebrating Libraries!

  1. Librarians certainly leave their mark. I remember Marjorie Coutts, mentioned in “Book Guy.” She was the librarian in Dawson Creek when I was a child. I think she did a lot of good there.

  2. A Library Lover says:

    wordsfromanneli, you’re right! I remember my elementary school librarian here in Spirit River always making the library and books feel so special. She made sure everyone got a turn to take out “Where the Sidewalk Ends” when it was so popular, and she let me take out chapter books in grade one because I was such a good reader. Whether I was or not, she inspired me!
    She’s still a librarian and I’m sure she’s still making sure kids get the most out of reading. Thanks, Mrs. G!

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