New Dinosaur in the Peace

Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai isn’t the only dinosaur to be found in the Peace Country.  Last month a hadrosaur found in the banks of the Red Willow River back in 1989 was introduced as a new species of duck-billed dinosaur.  After much research, Dr. Phil Bell confirmed at a September 26th press conference that the Red Willow Hadrosaur (to have an official name by 2013) is indeed a unique dinosaur.  Northern Alberta’s three-ton, ten foot contribution to the International Hadrosaur Symposium must have made quite a splash!

It is exciting to know that the Peace Country has a rich cache of fossils for future study.  What else is yet to be discovered?  Is there another “Red Willow Hadrosaur anywhere else in the world?  How will our cretaceous past shape our future?

Keep up with what’s happening with dinosaurs at the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum web site, and read more about the “Red Willow Hadrosaur” here.

Have you discovered any fossils in the Peace Country?  Want to share your finds?  Comment below or email

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