Answers to Spirit River Quiz VII: Town Spirit

How did you do with the quiz all about local people who have found FAME?  In case you missed it, here are the quiz questions again, with answers and links to the stories behind the fame.

1.  What Rycroft actor can you watch, in a role written just for him, on Da Vinci’s Inquest?

2.  Name the man from Woking who became a world renowned, groundbreaking sports psychologist.

3.  A triple threat from Spirit River is singing, dancing and acting his way through a career on Broadway.  Who is he?

4.  What Spirit River author and playwright also wrote radio comedies?

5.  Who were the musical brothers from Pouce Coupe who found fame on tv and radio with their country melodies?

6.  Name the world champion saddle bronc rider who settled down (a little) on a ranch near Spirit River.


1. Alex Diakun

2. Dr. Leonard Zaichkowsky

3. Tim Howar (Hawryluk)

4. Patricia Joudry

5. Keray and Bob Regan

6. Goldie St. Clair

How did you do?  If you liked this quiz, check out the other six by clicking on the Quizzes category.  Stayed tuned for Spirit River Quiz VIII: People from Spirit River who found GLORY!

You can find a little fame by writing a quiz for Town Spirit!  Think up some tricky Spirit River and area questions and send them in… with answers, please!  Email to

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