Scenic Drives Near Spirit River: Moonshine Lake

The season of autumn is upon us!  Leaves of various species are beginning to redden and yellow…en.  It’s time for a scenic drive!  There are beautiful views everywhere you look in the Peace Country – you don’t need to be told that!  Town Spirit has put together pictures of several Scenic Drives Near Spirit River just to remind you that fall is our most fleeting season.

Scenic Drive 1 is Moonshine Lake: 20 minutes west of Spirit River is the lake and campground you know… only in the fall it’s a lot less populated.  You’ll see ducks, geese and maybe even an eagle, deer or moose.  If you walk to the dock there’s a chance you’ll startle a beaver or muskrat.  The deep blue autumn sky is reflected in the lake, which is ringed by flora of all colours.  Enjoy the prairie views on the drive out to the lake and then roll down the windows, drink in the scent of fall, and wander on the campsite roads under falling leaves.

You’ll probably find that a walk is necessary for enjoying Moonshine Lake to its fullest.  Enjoy!

What scenic drives around Spirit River do you favour?  Tell us at  Photos very welcome!

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